General Purpose

General Purpose Buckets are suitable for use in soils where shock loading and abrasion is not expected. Teeth and corner bits are often added to these buckets to enhance penetration and to extend wear life.


  • General Purpose Excavator Buckets – For digging in low impact, lower abrasion materials such as dirt, loam, and mixed compositions of dirt and fine gravel. Typically larger General Duty Buckets are the most popular sizes, and are used to mass excavate in low abrasion applications.
  • General Purpose Wheel Loader Buckets –  SEP General Purpose Buckets have been designed to optimize performance of the all types of Wheel Loaders when loading, carrying, leveling, grading and dumping in a wide variety of applications and materials.
  • General Purpose Backhoe Buckets – General Purpose Backhoe buckets are the all-around choice for loading, carrying, dumping and performing general clean-up work.


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