Heavy Duty Rock

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets are specifically designed to work in the harsh rocky conditions. This type of bucket has a stronger basic structure, additional wear materials in the form of liners and hard surfacing and the best of teeth and corner bits.


  • Heavy Duty Rock Excavator Buckets – Rock Buckets for all branded Excavators are built for aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock.
  • Heavy Duty Rock Wheel Loader Buckets – These buckets are designed to work principally in mining and quarry industries, with either straight or spade edges. The straight edge has higher breakout force and increased dump clearance; the spade edge offers better penetration. Supply buckets for both compact loader and normal loader.
  • Heavy Duty Rock Backhoe Buckets –  A variety of rock bucket sizes for your backhoe available.

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