Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Buckets is a good “do-it-all” choice when application conditions are not well known. Heavy Duty buckets excel in mixed dirt, clay and rock. This type of buckets are recommended for trenching in utilities work, and for the general contractor working in a variety of different situations.


  • Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets – Specifically designed for tough clay or dirt with rock scattered through the soil. This type of bucket can be used for applications other than digging, such as demolition, and when paired with a thumb material handling.
  • Heavy Duty Wheel Loader Buckets (for Granite) –  For use in extremely aggressive applications such as face-loading granite. Intended for use in high-abrasion, high-impact materials where a smooth floor is desired.  Built on the proven Rock Bucket platform, the Heavy Duty (Granite version) bucket is up-sized and armored to thrive in the most dense and abrasive materials
  • Heavy Duty Backhoe Buckets – Heavy Duty Buckets for all types of Backhoe Loaders are well suited for semi-rocky soil or where hard bank material must be broken out and removed.

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