Loader Buckets

SEP manufactures wheel loader buckets for machines from 1 to 100 tons, as well as for mini loaders under 1 ton. OEM buckets for Wheel Loaders, Track Loaders and Integrated Toolcarriers. Specialty-designed buckets handle everything from fertilizer and woodchips up through highly abrasive rock and slag.

Wheel Loader Buckets-General PurposeGeneral Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket 

Increase productivity of Wheel Loaders due to their bigger, tougher design.​

– Designed for loading, carrying, stockpiling and backfilling in a variety of applications and materials. These all purpose buckets are ideal for construction and industrial applications.

– Dual torque tubes protect against twisting and impact force.

Wheel-High Dump Wheel Loader BucketsHigh Dump Wheel Loader Buckets

Increased dump height equals better performance in loading applications.

– Reaches higher than ordinary bucket types, up and over the sides of loading bins and truck.

– Sized for less dense material and are ideal for transfer stations or loading high-sided trucks.

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