Specialised in heavy equipment engineering and the manufacture of farming equipment. SEP manufacture OEM branded rippers for dozers, loaders and graders.

Construction bulldozers are usually equipped with rippers at back to deal with some of the complicated materials. Excavator rippers are constructed to perform different jobs. For instance, a single shank ripper allows you really heavy duty work. It is one of the toughest backhoe rippers in the market. A rock ripper is ideal when you have to deal with a lot of rocks on the contstruction sites. Rock rippers are also quite tough and made from strong alloys or metals. 

Rippers are also classified into shanks. You find single shank and multi shank designs of excavator rippers. Ripper shanks vary according to the nature of project and sometimes one might have to use different ripper shanks in a single job.
No matter what your choice is in backhoe ripper, we offer you quality, strength, durability and affordability. Be it a single shank ripper, rock ripper or any other excavator ripper design, it can be custom built too.
However if you are unsure on what design or ripper to select for the job, our experts can always help. Contact us for details.

  • Dozer Rippers: Rippers General, CAT Ripper, Komatsu Ripper
  • Grader Rippers: Rippers General, Volvo Ripper, CAT Ripper, Komatsu Ripper, General Attachments, CAT Attachments, Komatsu Attachments, Volvo Attachments
  • Loader Rippers: Rippers General, CAT Rippers, Komatsu Ripper, John Deere Ripper, Case Ripper