Rock Grapple

Rock Grapples – Made from high tensile and wear resistant materials, all pivoting joints are oversized, sealed and are made high hardened steel pins and bushes.

We manufacture a complete range of cable operated and self-contained multi-point grabs, all custom engineered to suit the specific application of every customer.

All our grabs are heavy duty, built to be extremely hard wearing and are a perfect reflection of the strengths we have in the design and fabrication of construction equipment.

We have a number of grapple sizes available for various excavator categories. These include:

  • 3 Tyne grabs
  • 5 Tyne grabs
  • Hydraulic grabs are also available

 Our product knowledge and expertise means that any of SEP built grabs for excavators are quality designed and tested, strong and durable, suitable for all kinds of earthmoving machinery and custom made to suit your requirements.